Limited first release delivering worldwide from September 2023   

Streamline your supplies with SideKYT. The essential crossbody bag for your diabetes essentials, plus a little more.

Premium materials. Ethical craft. Designed for diabetes. See how:

Double duty—
Two detachable compartments keep your life essentials separate from diabetes equipment.

Testing simplified—
Drop and prop the diabetes half to create a testing station on-the-go.

Diabetes sorted out back—
Space for two insulin pens; blood testing kit; and pockets for spares and snacks. Equipment storage loops can flex to fit bigger tech, including Omnipod PDM.

Removable trash pouch—
Enough said.

Life sorted up front—
Room for your everyday essentials – plus a snack or two.

Ethical craft, made to last— 
Made with gold-rated Italian leather, solid brass hardware, ethical production.

Supports diabetes causes—
A donation from every KYT sold helps diabetes charities get supplies to those in need.

Adjustable strap—
110cm to 133cm

KYT is here to support the diabetes community – and we want to make sure it supports the planet and craftspeople behind it, too.

We've validated our supply chain at every step. Take a look at the good that's gone into KYT.

The lowdown on SideKYT

This beauty's been honed with the help of diabetics from around the world
Testing simplified

Unzip the back, drop it, prop it, and your testing station’s ready for action. Leave all your equipment in place; just test straight from the bag.

Double duty

Diabetes and daily life can clash. So we split them up. Pack your life essentials in the front and your diabetes necessities in the back. Take one, take both, take life on.

Trash, stashed

Say goodbye to test strips following you everywhere. Open this nifty little trash pouch with one hand while you test with the other. Snap off, empty out, snap on.

Diabetes sorted out back

SideKYT curates your everyday diabetes set. It's got space for two insulin pens and a blood testing kit, plus pockets for spares and snacks. Flexible loops means it can also flex to fit bigger tech — we're looking at you, Omnipod PDM! 

Life sorted up front

We're not forgetting about life essentials either: SideKYT fits all of your important bits up front (with space for a snack or two). 

Ethical craft, made to last

Ethically crafted with gold–rated Italian leather and solid–brass hardware — we've validated our supply chain to make sure KYT supports people and planet.

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