My diabetes diagnosis story

May 27, 2024Bridget Scanlan
My diabetes diagnosis story

We all have our own story of that moment.

For me, it was being diagnosed at the age of 20, smack bang in the middle of uni exams. It was blurry vision that took me to the doctor, but all the signs were there – hindsight, right?

The diagnosis itself came as a shock (what even was Type 1 Diabetes?) but more shocking was the steep learning curve to come.

Years later, there are still learnings and adjustments to manage (and hypos, so many hypos). But the most helpful thing along the way has been connecting with others who are on diabetes journey, too.

Diabetes used to feel like an isolating experience. Through KYT, I’ve found a community of people who get it, and felt huge comfort in hearing your diabetes stories.

In case you're new here, or new to diabetes, I hope it helps to know that there's a community ready and waiting when you're ready for it.

Thank you to the people who have shared their diabetes experiences with me and taken the time to hear about mine. I look forward to hearing more as this community grows — it's a relief to share this wild ride with good company.

Bridget xx
Designer & Diabetic

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