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Medical made

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The KYT Crossbody


Keep it discreet.

The KYT Crossbody's compact and functional design hides your diabetes equipment in plain sight. Handcrafted in bovine leather, with a faux-suede interior that can be easily wiped down after those inevitable blood stains, it not only looks great, but works hard.

Stay organised.

With two distinct compartments, organise life essentials and medical necessities separately. Combine them together to take it all, or pull them apart to just take what you need.

Five bags in one.

KYT changes to suit your changing needs. Attach the strap to both compartments, attach it to one or the other, or ditch it and you’ve got a clutch.

Testing, simplified.

Unzip the back, drop it, prop it, and your testing station’s ready for action. Leave all your testing equipment in place, and just test straight from the bag.


What fits in KYT?

Take a tour of KYT’s front half

We know you’ve got a lot of stuff, so this quick video tour will give you a peek at all of the goodies KYT’s front half can hold. The front pouch lets you keep all of your life essentials in one place, and includes a handy slot pocket for quick access to your phone or cards. No more muddling your purse with your pen needles!

Then dive in to the back

For a closer look at the business half of KYT Crossbody. It’s designed to fit most standard diabetes items, from testing equipment (including OmniPod PDM, Freestyle Libre and Caresens Dual) to needles, pump consumables and snacks. We know equipment varies, so give us a shout at if you want to check how yours will fit.


Made to care

KYT is purpose-built for the needs of diabetes, designed to fit seamlessly into your life, and daily care.

Every KYT made supports the leather artisans who lovingly handcraft each and every detail. They’re from a family-run, ethically-waged workroom in Bali, co-ordinated by our forward-thinking production partner, Duffle & Co.

A portion from the sale of every KYT also goes towards supporting Beyond Type 1 – a non-profit organisation that educates and advocates about T1D, as well as drives for a cure. It's powered by a small but mighty team, with global reach.

So when KYT's hanging by your side, you’ll know that it’s made a difference for others, too.

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