KYT stands for—

Keeping You Together

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KYT Diabetes Bags – Ethical craft, made to last
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KYT Diabetes Bags – Handbags designed for holding insulin injection pens

Hey, I'm Bridget—
Designer & Diabetic

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 20. I quickly learned what a mission it can be to take all that equipment around with you, everywhere you go. Carrying it wasn’t streamlined or empowering — least of all in the velcro, meshy cases my equipment came in.

It got me thinking: diabetes equipment is essential, it’s life-saving, but carrying it around just isn’t elegant.

But why shouldn’t it be?

So I created KYT: beautiful bags, designed for life with diabetes.

It became my mission to redesign the daily diabetes experience. And to empower us all to redefine it.

Designed by diabetics, for diabetics

I’ve talked to people with diabetes — hundreds of you! — all over the world about what equipment you carry, your day-to-day diabetes gripes, and how we could design KYT to take those gripes away.

Our first bag — KYT Crossbody — launched in 2018. Not only were we able to send bags around the world, but we learned even more about the positive impact that KYT has on everyday lives with diabetes. We’ve been working to kick things up a gear ever since — expanding our range to cater to the diverse diabetes needs and lifestyles we’ve heard about.

Every little detail across each of our designs has come together through the experience of people who get it and live it, just like you. 

KYT stands for
Keeping You Together

— and for good reason.

I know all too well that diabetes isn’t a simple case of test, jab, repeat. It’s a turbulent, complicated experience that has many emotional layers. I hope that bags designed exactly for this experience can help (even just a little bit) with some of the harder stuff, too. KYT is about owning diabetes in your own way, empowering you to feel prepared and ready to take diabetes, and life, head on.

Thank you for supporting KYT. We hope that we’re able to do the same for you.

B xx

We've made conscious choices about our partners and materials

To make sure every bag supports not only the diabetes community, but the planet and craftspeople behind it. Take a look at how we've validated our production decisions: