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KYT Diabetes Bags – StarterKYT compact leather equipment case
KYT Diabetes Bags – SideKYT leather crossbody handbag
KYT Diabetes Bags – Insulin pen injection at cafe
KYT Diabetes Bags – Woman wearing SideKYT Crossbody
KYT Diabetes Bags – SideKYT+ premium leather crossbody handbag
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Diabetes redesigned, redefined

Consciously crafted from premium Italian leather. Designed with insights from hundreds of diabetics worldwide.
A donation from every bag sold helps support diabetes charities.

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Design Milk—

"Say goodbye to hassle and hello to smarter design with KYT's contemporary bags."

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"Helping diabetics everywhere to keep their lives organised without compromising on style."

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Recommended in Beyond Type 1's Diabetes Gift Guide

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“For people with diabetes, KYT Bags are life-changing.”

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“The designer bag every diabetic needs in their life.”

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Bridget Scanlan—
Designer & Diabetic

“I’m redesigning diabetes, so we can all redefine it”

My decade living with T1D has taught me two things: hypos at 2am suck. And so does lugging your equipment everywhere. We can’t live without it — but who wants to think about it?

Standing for Keeping You Together, KYT takes on the diabetes status quo (seeya, velcro). Crafted with the insights of hundreds of diabetics from around the world, these little beauties have been shaped by our community, and our unique needs. They’re here to help you feel great about doing diabetes on the daily. See how the diabetes community helped shape our designs.

When I started KYT, I had no idea it would connect me with so many inspiring diabetics across the globe. I hope KYT becomes a way for you to connect with the incredible, empowering, supportive diabetes community out there, too.

Bridget xx

Award-winning design—

The lowdown on SideKYT

This beauty's been honed with the help of diabetics from around the world
Testing simplified

Unzip the back, drop it, prop it, and your testing station’s ready for action. Leave all your equipment in place; just test straight from the bag.

Double duty

Diabetes and daily life can clash. So we split them up. Pack your life essentials in the front and your diabetes necessities in the back. Take one, take both, take life on.

Trash, stashed

Say goodbye to test strips following you everywhere. Open this nifty little trash pouch with one hand while you test with the other. Snap off, empty out, snap on.

Diabetes sorted out back

SideKYT curates your everyday diabetes set. It's got space for two insulin pens and a blood testing kit, plus pockets for spares and snacks. Flexible loops means it can also flex to fit bigger tech — we're looking at you, Omnipod PDM! 

Life sorted up front

We're not forgetting about life essentials either: SideKYT fits all of your important bits up front (with space for a snack or two). 

Ethical craft, made to last

Ethically crafted with gold–rated Italian leather and solid–brass hardware — we've validated our supply chain to make sure KYT supports people and planet.

KYT Diabetes Bags – SideKYT blood glucose testing station
KYT Diabetes Bags – Crossbody handbags that pull apart
KYT Diabetes Bags – SideKYT test strips trash pouch
KYT Diabetes Bags – What equipment fits in SideKYT
KYT Diabetes Bags – What fits in the front of SideKYT
KYT Diabetes Bags – Ethical craft, made to last
A donation from every bag sold helps diabetes charities get supplies to those in need

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