Tour StarterKYT: the world's smallest, smartest diabetes case

Mar 25, 2024Bridget Scanlan
Tour StarterKYT: the world's smallest, smartest diabetes case

Take a little tour with me of our most compact design, StarterKYT: the smart and snappy diabetes case for people who want to carry the basics, and nothing more.


The inspiration behind StarterKYT:

StarterKYT came from a moment of inspiration one evening, after talking to hundreds of people with diabetes around the globe and realising that not everyone wants to carry a diabetes bag. In fact, many people I talked to felt uncomfortable about carrying anything at all – even though they knew that diabetes equipment needs to follow them everywhere. I wanted to design a different kind of accessory that would look like an everyday object – to sit casually on a desk, at a restaurant, or in the car without attracting any attention. I landed on a clever little case that looks and works much like a glasses case. It’s built to organise a basic diabetes kit with magnetic closures for easy access on-the-go.

StarterKYT is our simplest design, built to be used on its own or stashed in another bag. It’s the smallest diabetes accessory in the world (we think); ethically crafted from hard-wearing Italian leather and super-strong magnets and supporting diabetes charities in need.

Take a full tour of the bag with me in the video above and see if it's the style you've been searching for. Or if you're after something a little different, check out the full KYT Collection – from our compact SideKYT crossbody design for the people looking to edit down their everyday essentials, to our most flexible SideKYT+ design; a handbag purpose-built for insulin pump and CGM users.

Bridget xx
Designer & Diabetic

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