KYT Crossbody: Cobalt

KYT Crossbody: Cobalt


Sold Out. New stock arrives January 2019.

Bouncing along at your side, the KYT Crossbody is a five-in-one, ethically handcrafted leather bag purpose-built for the needs of diabetes. Say hello to your new hard-working, great-looking, diabetes-tackling sidekick.

  • 16cm x 25cm x 9cm

  • Strap length: 76cm – 132cm

  • Crafted in cobalt-blue bovine leather

  • Black, faux-suede interior

  • Finished with brass hardware and gold foil

  • Fits most equipment:
    We’ve made every effort to design KYT to fit most standard diabetes items, from testing equipment (including OmniPod PDM, Freestyle Libre and Caresens Dual) to needles, pump consumables and snacks. But we know equipment might vary, so please get in touch if you want to check if it’ll fit yours.