Here's a little behind the scenes shot of myself and JP shooting some Instagram pictures.

My hat goes off to people who make social media content for a living - boy does it take a long time! Currently we're filming videos of me and taking pictures in my co-working space after hours because it's nice and quiet.

Is there anything you are interested to see or hear about from me?

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Happy International Women's Day!

There are three women I'm thinking of today, especially in relation to what I'm trying to create with KYT. They are my Oma Gerda, Grandma Erin, and Mum Geraldine. 

They are all talented seamstresses, and got me interested in fashion from a young age. I wanted to be able to talk about things like 'cutting on the bias' like they did – so I studied fashion.

I credit these three with showing me how much people can create with their own two hands. They use theirs in nifty ways all the time, and I've taken the same approach with creating KYT.  

Here's to the women who shape and support us. x

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Today has been a big reminder of how cool the diabetes community is. I've spoken to a couple of lovely ladies who reached out over Instagram – not only to offer lovely feedback about the bags, but to offer personal help in building some excitement about KYT.  

I often worry about how long the process to launch has been, and that you'll lose interest in these bags. But it's such a boost to hear that, even at the stage KYT is at, there are people excited about what we're working on.

[virtual hug] x

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Happy Monday! I have word that the FINAL bag sample is being made as I write this - can't wait to see it and share it with you shortly.

I spent a good chunk of Sunday taking pictures to share on social media over the next few weeks. Man – these things take time. Last night I shared a picture of my medic-alert, jazzed-up with a few other bracelets. Not pictured is the sellotape we used to stick the bracelet down to stop it flopping out of shot! More pictures with familiar medical items to come – which would you like to see made-over?

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Meet the man behind the lens: my partner and KYT co-founder JP. He's been on the diabetes journey as long as I have, and helps with our creative direction. It's a huge help to have someone to bounce ideas off, weigh-in on decisions and pre-read important emails before I send them!

The first edit of our KYT video is done and I'm planning to share it tomorrow. I talk about the story so far, and what's to come. I started learning to make leather bags in April 2017 and sometimes it feels like a very long time between then and our impending launch date. But we're almost there and I have a feeling it will be worth the wait (and worry!).

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Big brainstorming session yesterday and today about how to build some excitement for the bags over social media. I'm so amazed at how many people openly share their journey with diabetes online – and it's taught me a lot about my own diabetes. I hope you like what I'm building and, if you do, please share our page with others over Facebook and Instagram so we can spread awareness about KYT!

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Lots of work has been done on the 'launch' bag and it's looking close to perfect. I saw pictures of the latest sample today and it's keeping everything together just as I had hoped. Now we have some decisions to make around final materials and hardware. We're planning on black leather with gold hardware – classic and elegant.

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My final design flies to Bali to meet with new friends and production partner Duffle & Co. Their leather artisans begin to re-create the bag, with a few key changes as suggested by our conversations with you.

Note: Duffle & Co prioritise ethical and sustainable manufacturing that supports local communities. They're an awesome company, and we'll be talking about them more over social media in the next few months.

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