Do you ship

We sure do!

We have a standard shipping option to most international locations, which is completely FREE. We also have a premium option which ships a bit faster, and the cost depends on your country.

If you don't see your country at checkout, please get in touch via and we will work out a way to get KYT to you.

What can fit in the KYT Crossbody?

Short answer – a lot.

KYT Crossbody has two separate pouches. The front is designed to hold all of your life stuff, while the back pouch is purpose-designed for diabetes equipment.

It measures: 25cm x 16cm x 9cm

The front: Bridget carries an iPhone; small wallet; hand mirror; two sets of keys; about six lipsticks; and headphones in the front everyday. It's also wide enough to fit insulin pens and glucagon, and deep enough to fit hypo treatments like juice boxes.

The back: we have loops that fit insulin pens, blood sugar meters, prickers and test strip canisters. There are compartments that you can slot a notebook and diary behind. We have a pocket to fit syringes and insulin vials, and a zipper pouch for sharps, empties or fiddly bits. The bottom is wide enough to fit glucagon and hypo treatments also.

Will you do
men's bags?

Yes! We plan to get started on these very soon.

This is actually where you can help – if you are interested, or you've got a clear idea of what a men's bag should do and look like, please get in touch! Bridget is looking to connect with some male type 1s in the second half of 2018, to get feedback on her design ideas and make sure that they best fit your needs. 

Can I see the bag in person?

We know that it's a pretty big deal to buy a bag online and it sometimes helps to see the bag in the flesh, first.

KYT isn't currently in any stores, but if you are based in New Zealand, Bridget is happy to find a way to show you the bag in person. Chances are that we don't live far away from each other!

For international customers – we're still working on ways that we can show you the bag before you buy it. Watch this space, and if you have any suggestions we are happy to hear them.

The KYT Crossbody is out of my price range, will there be other options? 

With KYT Crossbody, we wanted to make a bag that looks good, and works hard. We've chosen quality leathers and work with an ethical production facility. We're also a new business making small orders, so all of these factors have a weight on cost.

That said, we have more designs in the pipeline, and plan to explore other materials at different price-points. This includes vegan materials.

I plan to use KYT every day.
Can you guarantee that it will last?

We know how hard diabetes bags need to work for day-to-day use.

While we don’t have a formal guarantee for the bags, we've made sure to double check every detail and make sure it is appropriate for daily use. We've chosen leather that will last well and we've even tested to make sure that the lining can wipe down after inevitable blood stains from finger pricks! 

We've made a list of care instructions that comes with each bag, so you can learn little tricks for taking care of KYT as you use it.

This isn’t the same as a guarantee, but we want to stress is that we're really dedicated to making sure KYT does the job for you. This also goes for any questions or concerns that you might have about the bag as you use it – please tell us and we'll do our best to solve it for you.

I don't have diabetes.
Can I still use KYT?

We get asked a lot if we will ever design bags for people who don't have or need diabetes equipment. This is flattering – and you're more than welcome to use KYT, whatever your needs are.

We created KYT because we intimately understand diabetes and believe that those of us who deal with chronic conditions every day deserve something that's specially designed for us – to help make life easier, and feel better.

Bridget's main priority is to design for these needs. If you have a condition or requirements that you think could be helped by a bag like KYT too, or general insight and feedback that you want to share – Bridget would love to hear it.