Take a tour of SideKYT+

Apr 29, 2024Bridget Scanlan
Take a tour of SideKYT+

Take a little tour with me of our most flexible design, SideKYT+, the diabetes bag for people who need plenty of space for all sorts of equipment.


The inspiration behind SideKYT+:

SideKYT+ is exactly how it sounds: the bigger sister of our popular SideKYT crossbody design, built to answer the question we get all the time: “do you have bags for pump users?” In talking to insulin pump and CGM wearers from around the globe, I learned that while some people use wearables as an opportunity to carry less diabetes stuff, others find that they have more to carry – back-up pump sites, back-up insulin pens, back-up glucose testing kits to keep them feeling safe, just in case. I realised that we needed a design that would fit these essential bits, with a flexible layout so that people could mix-and-match what they carry depending on the occasion, and the technology they use.

SideKYT+ is our most spacious handbag design that keeps diabetes equipment streamlined without the need to leave anything behind. And of course, it’s ethically crafted from premium Italian leather and solid brass hardware and supports diabetes charities in need. 

Take a full tour of the bag with me in the video above and see if it's the style you've been searching for. Or if you're after something a little different, check out the full KYT Collection – from our super smart and small StarterKYT diabetes case, to our compact SideKYT crossbody for people looking to edit down their everyday diabetes essentials. 

Bridget xx
Designer & Diabetic

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