How to care for your KYT

Leather is a natural product that develops its own patina over time to show you where it’s been. Any tonal marks or veins should not be considered imperfections, but as part of your KYT’s story. 

KYT is made from premium bovine (cow) leather and finished with brass hardware. Bovine leather is known for its durability and has a taut texture which will soften with each wear. 

With care and consideration, you can keep your KYT looking sharp over time. Here are our tips: 

  • Leather doesn’t like spills: avoid contact with water, grease, perfumes or cosmetics 

  • If KYT does get wet, wipe it with a soft dust cloth 

  • During down time, keep your KYT out of direct sunlight using the dust bag provided 

  • Store your KYT away from areas where it might be exposed to heat or moisture 

  • To wipe clean, use a soft dust cloth and avoid rubbing your KYT with anything coarse or abrasive (as the leather will scratch) 

  • Only use specialised leather products for cleaning or conditioning 

  • Use gentle, circular motions to apply leather care products 

  • Inevitable blood stains in the lining of your KYT can be wiped with a damp, clean cloth 

  • If in doubt, treat your KYT to a visit to a leather professional for some TLC 

  • Be careful when wearing light coloured clothing, as some leathers can transfer colour.