a closer look at the ins-and-outs of KYT Crossbody

KYT is designed for your life with diabetes. It’s made of sleek, sturdy leather that can withstand a good workout, finished with brass hardware and a faux-suede lining that wipes down from inevitable blood stains.

Two distinct compartments separate your life essentials and diabetes equipment – no more fishing at the bottom of your bag for your finger pricker. Just unzip the back, drop it, prop it, and your testing station’s ready for action. Leave all your testing equipment in place, and just test straight from the bag.

KYT can change to suit your changing needs. Attach the strap to both compartments, attach it to one or the other, or ditch it and you’ve got a clutch.

And every KYT helps others, too. A portion of every sale supports Beyond Type 1 – a global organisation that works to empower young people with diabetes all around the world. And we’ve made sure that each bag has been made with care for others, by choosing to work with safe and ethical production partners.

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