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I’m Bridget, Designer and Diabetic behind KYT

When I was diagnosed with T1D at age 20, I quickly learned what a mission it can be to take a trove of medical with you, everywhere you go. I found it bitsy and hard to organise, not to mention the questions that came out when people would spot my pens and pricker.

It got me thinking: medical equipment is essential, it’s life-saving, but carrying it around just isn’t elegant.

But why shouldn’t it be?

So I created KYT: beautiful bags, designed for life with diabetes.

My goal was to create a contemporary bag with some magic on the inside. From the outside, KYT looks like a regular handbag. Open it up, and KYT reveals an interior purpose-built to fit the unique needs of diabetes – making life, and daily care, easier.

KYT is co-designed with the diabetes community. We’ve talked to as many people as we can about what they carry, what’s most annoying, and how KYT could make better. Our first style, KYT Crossbody, was the favourite among everyone we talked to. 

We launched the bag in May 2018 and since then have sent bags all over world. Best of all, we’ve been able to hear how much the KYT community loves their bags, and the impact it’s had on their everyday with diabetes.

Next on the cards is to develop the KYT range further and include a men’s accessory – guided by your feedback. 

KYT stands for Keeping You Together, and for good reason. We know all too well that diabetes isn’t a simple case of test, jab, repeat. It’s a turbulent, complicated experience that has many emotional layers. We hope that a bag, designed exactly for this experience, can help with some of the harder stuff too.  KYT is about owning diabetes in your own way, feeling prepared and, literally, dressed for success.

Thank you for supporting KYT. We hope that we’re able to do the same for you.

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