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Designer & Diabetic Bridget Scanlan wants to create a new fashion genre.

Diagnosed with type 1 at 20, Bridget was quick to discover how much room diabetes takes up in your life, and handbag. She remembers looking for something fashionable and functional to help with adjusting to all of this new equipment and routine – nothing fit.

Having studied business and fashion and worked in both industries for a bit, Bridget took matters in to her own hands. She found a leather mentor and the right machinery and created her first range of bags.

KYT opened the door for Bridget to talk to others with diabetes about their experiences. Their message has been clear: diabetes is hard enough and my normal life is busy, why should my kit add to the problem?

This is why we’re creating a new fashion genre. KYT aims to empower people with diabetes by providing fashionable options for their equipment. We’re redirecting fashion design towards diabetes and giving it a makeover, so that life with diabetes can look and feel a bit better.

Recent media

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How KYT went from a project on Bridget's living room floor to a bag with a looming launch date.

Hi from Bridget

The first in a video series introducing Bridget, the bags and our journey to date. Follow more of the story here.

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Hidden in Plain Sight

Featured on Good Magazine website. Words by Joy Stephens.